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Medical Services

Tranzition is a full-service medical billing, transcription, technology. We offer a range of services focused on the business side of medicine, so that our customers can concentrate on patient care.

Our services are suitable for both startup organizations, along with well-established healthcare practices. In all cases, our goal is to help businesses maximize revenues, control costs, and streamline their operations for a profitable future.

Clients can opt for any of Tranzition’s services on a client exclusive basis, and we always provide a customized service tailored to your particular needs. We also offer integrated services, in which we combine multiple services to maximize efficiency. Our program’s are designed as a comprehensive, one-stop solution for customers that wish to leverage the full range of Tranzition’s products and services.

Medical Billing and Coding

Account Receivable and Denial Management

Hospital Services

Ambulance services

AR-Followup-Insurance and Patient

Claim Management

Payment Posting

Patient Registration and Charge Entry