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We follow a structured approach to outsourcing with a definite roadmap that helps us to assess, commit and execute effectively. Rigorous quality control processes ensures excellence in execution. In addition, our deep industry knowledge helps us understand our customers' business, their requirements and the control environments appropriate to the standards prevalent in their industry. Our Product Management Group, extensive experience in industry drive profitability of the organization through solution effectiveness, improved quality and productivity.

A unique 5-stage process ensures your outsourcing success. Regardless of where you are in the program lifecycle we can cater to your requirements. Depending on your needs we can manage a part of your program or the entire program life cycle.

This process is designed to not just meet stated expectations, but also to reflect our philosophy of creating real value for our customers. We have a holistic approach that goes beyond mere cost savings for your company. By understanding your business and through our relationship with you we create value not only in meeting your short term goals, but by helping you achieve your long term business goals.

Stage 1 - Situation Analysis

Situation analysis is not just understanding your stated needs, but carrying our analysis beyond that to provide solutions to enhance your business. It is our experience that customers tend to underestimate the extent and nature of work that can be outsourced.

How We Work
We conduct a comprehensive study of the processes involved and give our input on the "outsourceable" components of your business. An outsourcing strategy is devised that will fulfill immediate requirements, or if you choose can be carried even further to provide solutions to expand and increase your business. We carry out an impact analysis to aid in de risking the entire process.

Stage 2 - Pilot Project

We establish proof of concept even before you enter a formal arrangement by conducting a pilot project. This will clearly define parameters of quality, productivity, turn around time, and cost efficiency.

We strive to exceed expectations right from this stage. This is a point where customers realize the enormous potential of outsourcing when they see the value that is created.

Typically, a pilot program is carried out over a 30 day period, but this could vary depending on the service you are seeking.

Stage 3 - Transition Management

We have a defined process in place to ensure flawless performance during the critical phase of migrating customer processes to offshore locations. The challenges in this stage are different from actual execution. This is why we have a specialized team who would work with you and the execution team to make sure that standards and efficiency do not drop. Defining of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which commit to mutually agreed upon levels of quality and productivity, and schedules, the finalization of the contract, and the facilitation of customer visits, if required, are carried out during this stage.

Stage 4 - Program Management

At Tranzition, program management is carried out at two levels. At the executional level we supervise the program to ensure the smooth functioning of operations and that agreed upon parameters of quality, productivity, and turn around time are met. Primarily, the objective of this stage is to consistently meet expectations. In case there is a failure to meet your expectations we have a process in place to address the problem and not only improve the situation, but also exceed your expectations.

At a higher level we can, if you choose, go beyond mere execution to provide value added inputs to ensure that your unstated goals are met. This is done through a thorough understanding of the program as well as your business.

In our experience customers outsource in order to cut costs while either maintaining current standards of or compromising slightly on quality. Our aim is to establish that these two are not mutually exclusive.
For example, in a program we are managing for a large trucking company we have consistently improved quality over the level at which it existed.

Stage 5 - Customer Relationship Management

We believe that doing business with Tranzition should be easy. Customer Relationship Management is as important to us as Program Management and would continue for the entire lifecyle of the program. With weekly telephone reviews, daily reports, a single point of contact, and a program management tool which allows tracking of a program on a daily basis, we ensure that you not only have a comfortable outsourcing experience, but never lose control over the entire process.

Initially, when a customer enters into a outsourcing relationship with us, they are unaware of the potential of the interaction that follows. We strive to go beyond what is expected by adding value to your business and enhancing your outsourcing experience.

Through this 5-stage process we strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers by delivering year on year productivity benefits, maximizing customer profitability, increasing and expanding their business

We strive to create real value which will impact not only your business and generate tangible benefits, but extend beyond that to create value in the society you live in.

Get Started

If you are looking at outsourcing, please contact us. The Customer Engagement Team will either drop you a line or give you a call, depending on which method of contact you would prefer, within 24 hours or by the next working day. Even if you are not ready to outsource, you are always welcome to get in touch with us to find out more.