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In today’s changing global economy, offshore call center outsourcing has become a sensible strategy for many customer service companies in the United States. However, when deciding on an offshore partner, firms are caught in a balancing act. On one side, managers are feeling pressure to improve their customer service, but on the other, they are under pressure by senior executives and shareholders to reduce costs.

Companies are attempting to meet both objectives when deciding on their offshore partners. When making the outsourcing decision, managers must first determine their decision criteria and balance cost against other priority objectives. American and OTHER European firms with call centersprefer India to any other country as their offshore outsourcing provider, primarily due to higher quality found in Indian call centers. As India is not the lowest cost country to outsource to, but it offers some cost savings, a strong work ethic, low turnover, better educated people, and strong Political Stability.

India's low turnover rates can be attributed to high unemployment rates in some areas, and an overall stronger work ethic amongst Indians. some provinces, such as the South and west India, have experienced unemployment Indians entering the rates in the double digits for several years. Given this, it is likely that call center industry view the higher the unemployment rate, the more likely people are to stay in it as a long-term career a secure job. Another reason attributed to low turnover is that move, not just a Indians entering the call center industry view it as a long term temporary job used career move, not just a temporary job used until a better one comes until a better one comes along.

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MAKING THE DECISION –What are your criteria ?

When making the decision to choose an offshore outsourcer, the final selection criteria are dependent on the individual company and their overall outsourcing strategy. For some, the lower price may be the deciding factor while others may opt for a slightly highly price but better quality. Tranzition being one of the companies which follows Six sigma Methodology Provides the Re-engineering of any company’s business Processes.


The Trend towards companies outsourcing Offshore is becoming more and more mainstream and would grow as the pressure of reduce cost and Timely customer handling becoming the an issue. Companies look for contact centers who can perform After-the-Office business handling so that they do not miss any customers. If your company’s Primary objective is to reduce cost then there are a lot of cheap centers to cater to your business need, however, if your company looking to build a long term business association, and if cost is one of many other important standard such as Quality, Employee education, Company back ground, then Tranzition makes the best option for your outsourcing currency.

We not only provide customer satisfaction, but Provides Customer delight