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A leading modern management consultant was quoted saying, “An organization is foolish if it doesn't outsource. I pity those who increase their cost and decrease their revenue.” Not only him, but some of the biggest names in the business world have made similar claims and are doing it. So, why not you??? If you want to grow and come in the league of organizations who have and are making fortunes through outsourcing, just contact us and we'll open the doors for you. For now, feel free to browse our web site and identify your needs. We follow advanced business processes and believe in constant innovation. The values and beliefs with which this firm was started have not changed, we stand firm in our commitments and convictions namely, the most important of which still remains complete customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the best of services, associate with the best of people and most of all, value your time and money.
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"Tranzition will be an Integrated BPO Service provider to organizations across the globe looking to outsource their business processes and services."
Why Outsource..?
In the Indian context, Business Process Outsourcing will be the next economy driver, akin to the Software Services in the past decade. USA will serve as a major market for Indian Services. The market size is USD 75 BN and is growing at the rate of 10% per annum since the past 5 years. The market share of Indian service providers is expected to reach 11% in nominal terms by FY 2009. This is expected to translate into an aggregate revenue size exceeding Rs.10,000 BN for Indian BPO industry in FY 2010 (Source - IDC Research / ICICI Securities).
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